Saturday, December 5, 2009

Chicago Tribune Printers Row Out in Left Field

I went to the bookstore today to check out the two suggested Best Books of 2009 from the Chicago Tribune's Literary Editor, Elizabeth Taylor. However, the two titles she suggested ("Freedom from Fear" by Adam Cohen and "Half Life" by Maureen McLane) were BOTH incorrect. The bookstore reference person was dumbfounded. Both books were incorrectly listed in the Tribune article and they were not small mistakes. The thing that makes it particularly egregious is the little note by Taylor that the two authors are "friends" and she would read the ingredient labels on a cereal box if they were to write them.

Perhaps Ms. Taylor should stick to reading cereal boxes and let someone else write her column.

Sorry for such a grumpy post so close to the holidays. I am still getting acclimated to the Chicago scene and had thought the Trib was the more worthy of the local newspapers (the Sun-Times being the other option). I may need to rethink my options for accurate writing.

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