Monday, December 8, 2008

Yusef Lateef

Well, Saturday December 6th was my birthday. So, what did I do to celebrate this fine occasion? Nothing. Nada. Zip. Originally, I had plans to join my son's mite hockey team for a social gathering. That was cancelled, so following his evening hockey practice I came home and did, well, pretty much nothing.

Today, while perusing Pam Espeland's column over at MinnPost, what do I see? Yusef Lateef was in town at the Walker Art Center on Saturday night! I am heartbroken. Not only did I miss one of the best in the business, I missed it on my birthday.

It almost pains me to ask this, but if anyone did attend and would like to offer up a few words, please feel free to comment.

I cannot complain much despite this mistake however. I am planning to attend James Carter's performance on Wednesday night at the Dakota. Ms. Espeland does a fabulous write-up on him so I won't attempt to compete. See you there.

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