Friday, December 5, 2008

The Bad Plus to Perform in Moscow

The jazz trio, The Bad Plus, originally from Minnesota and now based in New York will be performing tonight in Moscow. The group has introduced a new dimension to jazz by performing versions of popular rock hits from Nirvana, ABBA, Black Sabbath, and Blondie.

The Trio is made up of pianist Ethan Iverson, drummer David King, and bassist Reid Anderson. Also performing in Moscow will be vocalist Wendy Lewis, also a Minnesotan.

Check out the band's recent album "Prog." It includes covers of Nirvana, Pink Floyd, Rush, and even some Stravinsky.

The next gig for the trio will be at the Dakota in Minneapolis from December 26th - 29th. Then, they are off to the venerable Village Vanguard in New York from December 30th - January 4th.

The Bad Plus may not appeal to jazz purists but I am keeping an open mind. There is no question they bring a new dimension to jazz and are shaking things up. I have a weakness for pop rock so the combination is appealing to me. I have not caught any of the "Plus One" vocals of Ms. Lewis but understand from others that she is a nice addition.

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