Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Howard Reich of the Chicago Tribune

As many of you have noted, Jazz Ramblings has been a little negative in the past few months. I have taken note and wanted to share my thoughts on what I find to be a true gift to the Chicago jazz scene. Howard Reich, Arts Critic for the Chicago Tribune, is an absolute joy to read.

Reich provides not only the latest on Chicago jazz but he also in-depth interviews and reviews of various musicians and groups. I thoroughly enjoy reading his column.  His recent article on Reginal Robinson, MacArthur Fellowship "Genuis" Grant award winner, was superb.  Noting the conflicting viewpoints on Robinson's Ragtime compositions, Reich nevertheless portrays the effort, talent, and "rags-to-riches" of Robinson's climb to fame from poverty.  It also provides an inside look at a man's music over a length of time, both before and after the Grant and all that came with it.

Cheers to Howard Reich and the Tribune.

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