Thursday, November 13, 2008

Nachito Herrera

Ignacia "Nachito" Herrera headlines the Dakota Jazz Club in Minneapolis on Friday and Saturday night. Herrera is an experienced latin jazz specialist with prior training under Rubén González, Jorge Gomez Labraña, and Frank Fernández. Herrera is the past musical director at the "Tropicana" in Cuba. More recently he was a member of the Cubanismo as lead pianist, arranger, and musical director.

Here is what the Star Tribune had to say:

“Hotter than the burning tip of a contraband Cuban cigar. Stronger than a straight shot of Havana rum. As exciting as a World Series game, with ‘El Duque’ on the mound. Explosive. Crowd pleasing. Rhythmically intense. Romantic. Dynamic. Jaw-droppingly good.”- Tom Surrowicz, Minneapolis Star-Tribune

Herrera opens at the Dakota at 8:00 pm each night. Cover is $15.00. I hope to see you all there Saturday night.

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